Colours Full of Emotions

Have you ever experienced that a colour made you emotional?

I thought about this the other day when one of my test knitters sent me a photo of the yarn he had chosen for his test knit. It’s one of the most beautiful colours I have seen for a long time. The colour is rust, and the yarn is a tweed yarn full of bombs of other colours that make the basic colour even stronger and richer.

I had only just gotten off the train to go visit the house where I grew up. These months we are clearing everything in order to sell my mother’s house. It is a tough process to handle my parents’ 50 years of living together, including the childhood of my brothers and me, as well as the early childhood of our children.

Therefore, these months are full of memories and reflections, and even though my brothers and I work together and support each other, I do feel very sensitive and vulnerable indeed.

In the midst of all this, I received the photo that reached something deep down: One of my mother’s favourite colours! I was born in the 70s, which in Denmark is equal to growing up with a colour scheme consisting of dark brown, dark green, mustard and rust colour.

I’ve always liked the rust colour a lot, and the first project I ever knitted was a rust coloured cowl in a very itchy yarn. I used small knitting needles and it was my first experience with circular needles too.

These childhood memories all of a sudden became strong – to an extent where I could even smell my mother’s perfume and I felt tears in my eyes. Isn’t amazing which memories the body stores?

When my test knitters ask me my opinion on colours, I tend to answer that colours are energy, and that one should always use yarn in a colour that carries a positive energy.

We spend so many hours with our knitting projects, and we owe to ourselves to choose the yarn and colour that fills us with cheerfulness from the tip of our fingers to the tip of our toes.

In my designs for men, I always use colours. You probably don’t like all of them. That’s okay! There is no reason why you should choose the same colours as me for your projects. You really should pick those colours that make you happy and your knitting even more pleasurable.

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