The Male of the Future Looks Sexy When Wearing Knitwear!

Thoughts upon why women must stop knitting for the cushion they married 30 years ago!

Knitting is becoming increasingly popular these years. The focus, however, is on women and children primarily, and only to a lesser extent on what I term ‘fashionable and sexy knitwear for men'.

Despite an increasing amount of male knitters, the tendency is still that women make knitwear for men, and that the primary objective of a sweater is to be loose fitted and not too tight around the tummy, to make it comfortable to wear when watching telly or working in the garden.

In short, there are many designs for men, but only few designs with a fitted shape and made on smaller needles – as an alternative to the machine-made knitted garment that can be worn in the office.


The above is the title and the first paragraph of my 3rd semester exam paper at the Knitwear Design Education almost a year ago.

My task was to prepare a workshop for women on the fitting of handmade knitwear to men. I based the paper on a workshop meant to take place in real life. Unfortunately, the workshop was cancelled due to the lack of participants.

This, of course, does not make the theme of the workshop less relevant.

A Danish saying goes: “the first and the last person adopting a trend will always be considered a fool”.

I personally tend to be - what some would term - a ‘last mover’. However, with regards to men’s knitwear, I consider myself a ‘first mover’.

Believe me, being a first mover does not make making-a-living easy. I do, however, rest assured about what future brings……whilst waiting for you guys to come along.

Are you ready for revolutionising men’s knitwear?

Then, join in!


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