I love colours!

I’ve always travelled a lot, and I’ve spent a great deal of time in Latin America – a very colourful part of the world.

Latin America brings me beautiful memories of happy people wearing happy colours in the sun – and a joyful taste of Mojito too!

My Guatemalan husband arrived in Denmark wearing a neon green polo shirt in the midst of a Danish rainy summer around 13 years ago.

Shortly upon arrival, he commented on how peculiar it was to him, that the Danes - who inhabit a country, which brings a pitch dark winter and a rainy summer – prefer to wear shades of grey, brown, black and beige.

I wasn’t able to provide him with a convincing explanation!

For our part, we live in a home with colours on all walls, and my husband taught me not to spend too much energy on details such as which colours suit each other. His embracement of all colours and colour combinations continuously expand my conception of what is possible - and shouldn’t be confused with lack of colour sense on his part.

If you had any idea about how much time we’ve spent on discussing, debating and eventually deciding on the colours that you find on our walls; yellow, green, blue and purple. Strong colours mixed with a sufficient amount of white (my idea).

I do appreciate other persons’ fascination of subtle colours, however, I’m impatient as a person and my energy level is far too high for those colours.

The energy of strong colours is a much better match with my personality and I do have a passion for rich and loud colours, which fortunately suit me well.

If I look around in my home and take a glance at my (hand knitted) wardrobe, I too can tell that there is no clear colour theme.

But then again, that’s how I am – one day I’m a red colour kind of person, the next day I’m….. a FLAMING red colour kind of person.

I wonder which colours YOU are?

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