I just feel really comfortable when I wear my usual colour scheme!

You recognise that feeling? I guess we all have our favourite colours. Usually one or a few colours that we tend to stick to …the go-to colours. Those are colours, which one always returns to, even after sincere considerations and attempts to try something different from the usual.

An example could be the colour purple that’s trending in men’s fashion this season. You may think that EVERY BODY ELSE looks good in purple, but even considering this colour for yourself makes your body screaming for help.

At least, that’s how I often feel myself.

My undocumented thesis about this phenomenon is that we are influenced from an early age with regard to which colours suit us. I, for instance, was taught that ginger-haired persons cannot wear pink, and that persons with a skin as light as mine really shouldn’t wear strong or lively colours as that would dominate the full picture.

Such a shame when one (me) loves strong shades of red, pink, yellow, green, purple and blu….well that colour blue I’m still working on.

My go-to colour is green, which is fine. But I do keep pushing myself to investigate other colours too. Often I realise that a colour (or shade of a colour) suits me surprisingly well, because someone else tells me so.

This other person often happens to be a person previously unknown to me – a stranger.

I’m surprised how much it means to me when another human being expresses its instant and positive response this way. It has made me more conscious about complimenting other persons myself: To tell them that they look good and that a particular colour makes them shine!

Part of my design mission is to support and nurse what I would term a courageous embracement of colours amongst us knitters, which is why you will continue to see my knitting patterns for men in colours from a large colour scheme.

Did you know that the colour you are wearing right now suits you extremely well, by the way?

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