I grew up in a house with white walls, but my kids don’t

I’m born and raised in Denmark and I’m pretty sure that you will find white walls in the majority of Danish homes, just like in the one where I grew up. I think it has to do with some assumptions that we are often taught.

1) White reflects the scarce daylight we experience in Denmark

2) One doesn’t have to consider what colours would look nice

3) It is so much easier to just paint everything white

4) White walls allow for more colour choices with regards to furniture

5) White walls look nice

I always found those white walls a little….difficult. As a kid I painted the walls in my room orange – all 4 of them. And in my home there ain’t one single white wall; the bedroom is yellow, the children’s room is what we call My-Little-Pony purple; the kitchen is cream coloured; the entrance is blue; the bathroom is a kind of orange-pinkish colour (a left-over from the former owner); and the living rooms are pea green and brown

Too much? Absolutely not. All colours are added sufficient amounts of white to prevent them from being too dark or dominating, and I can assure you that a lot of time was spent on discussing and testing colours on days with or without sun light to catch the perfect nuance.

I tend to say that there is one thing that my husband and I agree on: We don’t have white walls in our home - and we used to spent hours with our local colour supplier to find that very special colour we wanted her to mix.

It was during this process that I realised how strong and wrong the stereotypic idea about men's lack of colour sense is...and the glance by other customers when my husband entered into discussions on what difference a single drop of yellow would do to that green colour.

My husband was more brave and eager when discussing colours than me, and he honestly speaking is the main reason we eventually found the perfect colours for our home.

Do you agree, when I say that generally speaking knitters have a great interest in colours? At least I feel a great urge to express my fascination with colours in my mens’ knitwear designs and I’m happy for any colourful inspirations to prevent me from getting stuck in my usual go-to colours

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