Let’s talk about yarn!

How about getting to know some of the reasons for my yarn choice for the Fisherman’s Scarf pattern that I’ve just released?

The yarn is the incredible Loch Lomond Bio from BC Garn.

It’s a very nice yarn, which is both warm and extremely light – almost weightless. And when it touches your skin it feels as a caress.

Upon wash, it unfolds and becomes even more airy.

My first major decision as a knitwear designer was to focus on sustainable yarns. I want to prove that modern and exclusive designs are indeed obtainable with yarns that are produced whilst caring for nature, humans and animals.

The Loch Lomond Bio is a 100 % organic wool with GOTS certification. It is a worsted yarn, which comes in an array of beautiful colors with a tweed look. It is made from wool from Patagonia and is non-mulesing.

Therefore, in this yarn you find the distinct combination of a beautiful, soft and nice-to-work-with yarn & sustainability in a broad sense, as the GOTS-certification ensures environmental protection, animal welfare and labour rights.

Ohh, and then the joy of knitting in good conscience, of course.

You can purchase the Fisherman’s Scarf pattern along with the rest of my collection of knitwear designs for men here

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