Let’s Rock the World of Men’s Hand-Knitted Fashion!

Hi guys!

Do you have any idea how much your support means to me?

I’m the owner of a small scale one-woman-business with huge ambitions within men’s knitwear.

I’m also the owner of an even bigger task list….and a tiny budget.

But, on those days when I wake up and find life a little difficult, and NOTHING does as I planned for, it makes me happy to open my Instagram account and realise how many of you:

  • Wanna help me develop designs that you would love to wear
  • Wanna help me develop designs that you would love to knit
  • Wanna help me test knitting
  • Wanna help me by telling me that you share my vision

Thanks a lot for your cheering me up: your likes; your comments; your saving my posts for later; your sharing my posts; your sending me direct messages about things that matter to you & to me.

Thank you for telling me that I’m on the right track, that you see my vision as clearly as I do, and for supporting me on my mission.

The designs I make are not for me.

The designs I make are for you - and your opinion, suggestions and ideas matter.

Therefore, every time you take your time to read my posts, look at what I’m up to and share your thoughts with me - you help me in staying on track and believing in what I’m doing.


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