About how I choose my yarns!

I’m that kind of person that holds a strong ethical opinion about everything…yes, EVERYTHING!

I became a vegetarian around 30 years and 30 kg ago. I have always bicycled everywhere and I have never been the owner of a car. I started buying organic (and Fairtrade) products as soon as I moved out of my parents’ house – even as a poor student.

My husband and I hold 200 m2 metres of kitchen garden outside of Copenhagen and we go with the children by bicycle – 12.5 km each way. Sometimes we go by train.

As a kid, I spoke a great deal with my dad about the unfairness that some people in this world are starving –and all my university degrees are within International Development and Human Rights.

Oh, yes…I’m also that kind of person that buys food to the homeless people.

To be frank, I am quite annoying, also with regard to my choice of yarns.

Let’s have a chat about what matters in one’s yarn choices. I’ll start.

When choosing yarns for my designs I focus on 3 main principles:

  • Certified yarns. Especially GOTS, because it provides you with a guarantee for the full product line. I’m working with GOTS-certified yarns as we speak and I’m looking forward to showing you the designs very soon
  • Recycled yarns. Recycling is extremely sustainable and within yarns, I see more and more quality products popping up. This far, I offer two patterns that are based on recycled wool, which is furthermore OEKO-TEX-certified; the Great Reef Hat and Tie to Fly
  • Yarn with a social mission. I’m quite certain this category doesn’t exist officially, however, to me sustainable yarn can include yarns produced with human development in focus

I find human development extremely important. I’ve lived in Ecuador and Guatemala, and I have seen the consequences of an uneven distribution of resources and wealth; on mental and physical health; individual opportunities; and the future of the next generation.

Therefore, I also work with yarns, the production of which helps under-privileged human beings in improving their life circumstances. The pattern Soulmate present exactly such kind of yarn, and I’ll hopefully soon be able to offer other knitting pattern for men in this category of yarn.

It can be very difficult for a consumer to understand the full production cycle of a product. Hence, in my opinion, the task is to think through one’s vision of the world as it is, and what kind of world one would like to live in and to pass on to the next generation - and then buy products that are in line with one’s vision.

As a knitwear designer, however, I carry an expanded responsibility since many customers buy the particular yarn, that a pattern calls for. Hence, all my designs are based on yarn, which is both high quality and sustainable in one of the three basic principles presented above.

For this reason, as part of the introduction of each pattern on my website, you also find a brief description of the yarn I have used. Going forward I will expand this to a proper description of my yarn choices to support the sharing of knowledge on sustainable yarn alternatives.

As always, I’m open for comments and opinions and I especially welcome disagreements that challenge me. Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

…..by, the way – when nobody is watching I stuff my face with chocolate and I love driving a car at a very high speed….just telling you!

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