I Loooove Cool Guys in Cool Knitwear!

It may seem strange that I, a female knitwear designer, have chosen to focus on men’s knitwear. Therefore, I gathered, I will reveal a presumption that I carry.

Here it comes:

I seriously think that this world needs more cool knitwear for men!

I mean, we don’t lack knitting patterns for men – but we are in need of knitting patterns for COOL knitwear for men.

I’m talking about knitting patterns for garments that men fancy to wear and maybe even knit, Okay?

Let me explain, please. I happen to be married to a good lucking guy. Whenever I plan to make a hand knitted garment to him, it is extremely difficult to find a pattern that he likes.

My husband is size medium and pretty close to the standard body shape (used by the industry). Furthermore, he doesn’t have strong opinions about a specific fit, stitch pattern, yarns etc. All he wants is a garment that is warm but suitable for the office, soft, contemporary, nice to wear and with a nice fit that doesn’t make him look dull. I don’t think he is asking too much, is he?

When I walk the streets of Copenhagen, I see lots of good lucking guys, many of whom obviously have a strong opinion about how they dress. Quite a few of them are stylish too. To me, this is possible because of designers who have specialized in creating nice designs for men.

If I look for the same within hand knitting, the picture is full of good looking guys, many of whom also have a strong opinion about how they dress….but with far less options to choose from.

So, this is where my knitting patterns for men come in handy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you disagree or have an idea for a design for men. 

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