Why it matters to you that I study at the Knitwear Design Education!

Next to my business Hands-on Knits I study at the Knitwear Design Education at University College Copenhagen.

The education is a crash course in knitwear design and consists of 4 semesters. These days, I’m preparing myself for the 3rd semester exam.

I chose to enrol for three main reasons:

1. I love to be amongst other nerds. I still recall 1st semester and the feeling that everybody else was so much more talented than I was. I was very impressed with their designs and technical skills, and I honestly felt insufficient next to them.

I learn an awful lot from the other students and develop my technical skills, which helps me in making better and more intriguing designs and patterns for you. One of my decision from the beginning has been to work with whatever technique that gives the best result, be it easy or more complicated. And I always develop tutorials to embrace diverse technical skills of knitters.

Did you know that you have free access to all my tutorials through my YouTube channel?

2. I enjoy studying to keep an educational basis for my work. Even if I know several skilled knitwear designers, test knitters and customer alike that all support me in my development as a knitwear designer, I still enjoy a more formal education to ensure my awareness of all the important considerations as a designer and in the patterns that I offer.

3. It helps me develop as a knitwear designer and the way I work has become more tactile and emotional – a great contrast to those many years of academic work.

The education has also helped me making an important – and slightly scary decision ­– to focus on knitwear designs for men. I know it will probably be a rocky road, but I love what I’m doing and it feels just right.

I have so many ideas and knitwear patterns for men in the pipeline. However, the process from idea to a finished pattern in my web shop can be very long. Hence, please have patience with me and feel free to follow me on this endeavour, through either social media or my newsletter…..or just pop by my website occasionally. 

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