New knitters are welcomed!

Recently I have been in touch with quite a few beginners, or knitters who have taken up knitting after many years of not knitting.

I sense that many are insecure with regard to their skills level and requirements for patterns in general.

My response is two-fold and always the same

1) You really should knit what you fancy knitting instead of limiting yourself by worrying about skills level

2) Every person can knit whatever he fancies, as long as the pattern is written well

I personally never have purchased a pattern for beginners. What drives me in my knitting is always the desire for a final product that I will be happy with for years to come.

To me, the natural consequences of this are that: I use small size needles, I learn new and relevant techniques, I work with the fit and am happy to spend a little extra time on customizing the pattern if needed, I buy the yarn that I fancy in a colour that makes me happy.

As a knitwear designer, I urge to support you doing the same. Please, let me explain.

My responsibility is to offer you a pattern that works for both skilled and unexperienced knitters, which means that:

  • I give great thought to every sentence, remove unnecessary words, consider which information you need and at what point you need it
  • I work with both charts and legends
  • I make video tutorials of the techniques that I refer to
  • I choose photos for illustration carefully
  • I ask test knitters for feedback, and if anything is unclear I make sure to correct
  • I always have a tech editor to go through the pattern and I make the required changes before sending it off to layout

The idea behind this is my sincere wish for you to enjoy knitting your future garment – and that the final product will make you happy for years to come.

I have had the pleasure of seeing beginners reach an advanced level within a short time span, because of their excitement, inquiring mind and eagerness to learn. Watching their process makes me thrilled.

Welcome on board in this world of happy knitting and knitting patterns for men

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