Did you know that my favourite customers are male knitters?

Did you know that my favourite customers are male knitters?

I still remember the 1st time a saw a man knitting around 10 years ago. I would spend time with other (female) knitters every week and then, all of a sudden….there he was, on his own, amongst a bunch of female knitters chatting and knitting away on a Tuesday evening in Copenhagen.

He was sitting quietly knitting away.

Later, I realised that he wasn’t even knitting but crocheting!

Up until then I had always perceived hand knitting as related to women – I was probably as ignorant as many others (still are).

The reality is that MEN KNIT and that the group of men who knit is growing….some of them even shout-out loud and/or knit in public!

My personal journey over the years has taken me from ’guys who knit are exotic’ to ’what’s the big fuzz about’ and now…’you guys make me happy’.

Along with this personal change of mind-set, my tiny design business has changed its focus too – going from ‘knitting patterns to women who knit’ to the final destination ‘knitting patterns to men who knit their own wardrobe’.

It is so meaningful to me and feels just right.

I really like you guys and I want to get to know you better and to offer designs that you fancy knitting and wearing.

It really is that simple.

Therefore, when I ask you about your opinion, it’s because I want to know what you think and develop the designs together with you!

I make knitting patterns for men, but I can't tell when a pouch is comfortable or shaped correctly.

So, please keep talking – I’m listening!                

Lets Rock The World Of Men's Hand Knitted Fashion

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