Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order for us to process your purchase from Hands-on Knits, we need the following information:



Phone number

E-mail address


The registration of your personal information is done in order to deliver your purchased product(s) and/or newsletters, in case you have accepted to receive these.

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Personal information along with bookkeeping information on transactions are registered with Hands-on Knits and kept for 5 years, in accordance with the Danish Bookkeeping Guide. The information is deleted after 5 years.

Before the personal information is collected via you are always asked to confirm your approval of the registration by explicit acceptance. This is done in order to ensure, that you are kept informed about which information is gathered and why. You give your permission of the personal data collecting when accepting the Terms & Conditions of Hands-on Knits when purchasing through the webshop and/or when confirming your interest in receiving newsletters from Hands-on Knits.

The owner of Hands-on Knits and possible employees have access to the registered information. Ditte Johanne Horndrup is responsible for the collecting, handling and use of the data collected.

The information about customers is neither kept nor transmitted encrypted.

You always have the right to make objections with regard to the registration of your information. You also have the right to claim insight into which information is registered, in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Act. In case you wish to imply this right, please contact Ditte Horndrup at


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