Hello there…..thanks for visiting!

I’m Ditte - the woman that keeps you on your toes with knitting patterns for men.

My favourite customers are Men Who Knit – but anybody else with a passion for nice hand-knitted menswear; fantastic fit; interesting knitting techniques; and sustainable yarns, are welcome to join too!

My mission?

I strongly believe that this world needs more cool hand-knitted menswear. We need more of the kind of knitwear that takes time and makes the wearer feel proud ‘just the way he is’!

At my place you don’t find knitting patterns for a quick-knit with needle size ‘huge’.

So, what do I offer?

Well, in this future favourite spot of yours, you find: knitting technique experiments; sustainable yarns that you had never dreamt of; fascination of colours; cool designs; passion for (a tailored) fit…..and an intriguing mind with regards to the different shapes of the male human body….OK, this last phrase could easily be misunderstood!

All of the above is then gathered with tenderness, revised, revised again, test knitted, revised one more time, translated, revised…revised again – before it is carefully layouted and put for sale as a pdf.download, which you can bring with you to any part of the world.

….did I mention that I do all the tutorials myself? And that you find the YouTube links to the relevant techniques in the patterns? In addition, I really should mention that I do my outmost to provide you with instructions on how to customise the pattern to your body measures and personal preferences.

All of this because you and your knitting-experience mean an awful lot to me.

You see, the deal is that I work as your knitting-guide. This means, that whenever you purchase a pattern developed by me, it takes you on a guided knitting-tour – maybe even to places that are yet unknown to you.

The final destination? A beautiful, unique, perfectly fitted, hand-knitted garment that will follow you on future travels.


…..you may ponder! In case you are in doubt whether to join, it’s probably because you would like to know your guide a little better beforehand?

That, of course, is fully understandable.

Below you find more information on who I am – both some Classic Facts and some Fun Facts. Together they provide you with a better understanding of me and my purpose. So please don’t hesitate….read on!

Fun Facts

  • I’m blessed with 4 brothers; two older brothers and 2 younger brothers…all of them a lot bigger than me. Just to clarify – they never treated me like a princess. However, they did teach me how to swear, fight and teach others a lesson. I love all of my 4 brothers, and I love even more the fact that we no longer life in the same house
  • As a teenager, I dreamt of becoming a rescue helicopter pilot so I called the nearest airbase to ask what the requirements were. I spoke to a very friendly man, who explained to me that women are not good as pilots because they are not capable of logical thinking. Fortunately, the universities where not aware of such gender weaknesses, so eventually I managed to get a university degree instead
  • I really like men – in the sense that I feel very comfortable around men. To be honest, I find men to be fantastic. I’m certain there is a good explanation to that
  • My father showed me that men also cry and both my parents taught me that gender should never – NEVER be a disadvantage or limiting factor for anything. I’m quite certain they must have been worried about my whereabouts from a young age – as I was allowed all the same as my brothers
  • As a teenager, I would often wear a classic men’s vest – I still do. Furthermore, I am longing for the day when I will wake up wearing a Sixpence and look smashing! As the years pass by I realise that the likelihood of this happening is diminishing

Classic Facts

  • In May 2021 I finished my studies at the Knitwear Design Education at Copenhagen Business College and I'm now working full time to create my business centered around men and knitting
  • I’m passionate about environmental issues, human rights and human development – hence the following bullet points
  • I hold a 5 years Masters’ Degree on International Development Studies & Anthropology from the Universities of Copenhagen and Roskilde
  • I hold a Masters’ Degree on The Theory and Practice of Human Rights from Essex University
  • I wish I could say that I hold a PhD. on Men’s Rights, but I don’t
  • I used to be Member of the Board of the Danish United Nations Association
  • I’ve always travelled a lot and worked with human rights in Ecuador. In addition, I worked for DanChurchAid in Guatemala, which is where I met my Guatemalan husband, now living in Denmark
  • I live with my husband and 2 kids in Copenhagen
  • We keep 200 m2 of kitchen garden

OMG....can she just keep going on?

….stay patient, please. I really should tell you that I have a strong urge to ‘change the world to something better’ and it just keeps influencing my decisions. Frankly, I used to think more of how to help others than to take good care of myself. The result being, that a couple of years ago, I had to pause, go back to basics and reconsider my life: How to follow my dreams, create the life that I want and have the right too live…..AND change the world to something better at the same time!

In brief, the result of a lot of thinking is my focus on 3 passions: knitting – menswear – making the world a better place!

Every time you purchase a pattern of mine, you support my work towards obtaining this goal.

Still not convinced? Maybe I should tell you that I donate 10 % of the surplus from each pattern to a project dedicated to men’s rights?

Still in doubt? How about you get your suitcase ready and jump on one of the free means of transportation? You find them parked in the bottom of this page - and you can always get off again!